About us

Waves Adriatic Tours presents an innovative concept of enjoying the beauty of the Adriatic.

We offer you the opportunity to create your own tour, including exactly what you desire. Fuel is included in the price of all our tours.

We enable our guests to create unforgettable experiences. The first-class service of our skilled and expert crew, along with an exclusive selection of various alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and food on our boats, all included in the price, makes our tours the top choice for every guest.

The tours we offer encompass various destinations that you must not miss, as well as activities that will enrich your adventure on our modern and luxurious vessels.

Our team is always here for you, before, during, and after your tour, to ensure top-notch service that makes the sailing adventure with us special for every individual.

It is our pleasure to ensure that every guest feels comfortable, unique, and happy, and to create unforgettable experiences and memories that will last a lifetime on our tour.

Meet Ante, a skipper with years of experience

Skipper with years of experience who swapped the dynamics of sailing for an executive position in our Waves & more family. However, no matter how busy with executive position he is, Ante still loves to sail aboard some of our boats.

As a child, he ventured into the blue of sailing and participated in various competitions at different levels. During his teenage years, Ante won high awards at Croatian and European sailing championships in various vessel classes.

Since 2018, he has been actively involved in skippering, first as an assistant skipper, and later as the main skipper on various yachts. Ante has transferred his love for the sea and boats into everything he does, so it’s no surprise that he has oriented himself towards providing services in the navigation and charter sectors.

During one journey as a skipper, he met Thomas Holffman, a sea enthusiast, especially of the Adriatic.

For years, Thomas sailed the Adriatic independently with his family and friends, discovering almost all of its breathtaking hidden corners. As they sailed from Šolta to Split and conversed with Ante, the idea of Waves was born.

Ante and Thomas share common points when it comes to providing quality service on different types of vessels. All our services are designed so that our guests enjoy the adventure and create memories that will last a lifetime. This idea was the guiding principle in the conversation that gave birth to Waves.

Today, Thomas and Ante are collaborators who, together with our team, work daily to improve our services and operations, striving for something special, specific, and unique so that each guest derives certain value from the time spent on our vessels.