Tour timeline

Start from Split Riva
Swimming/ snorkelling in bay Maslinovica (Brač)
Visiting wishful towns/islands
Lunch in nearby restaurant/drinks in bar
Sightseeing of Split archipelago and swimming in nice bay on the way to Split
Return to Split

Tour description

Sail away on an unforgettable maritime adventure

Sail away on an unforgettable maritime adventure with our “All on Board” tour. Set sail in the crystal-clear waters of Maslinovica Bay on the island of Brač, ideal for swimming and snorkelling while marvelling at the stunning natural beauty.

Afterward, we'll delve into exploring picturesque towns and islands

Each offering its unique charm and cultural richness. Whether wandering through ancient streets or enjoying panoramic views, at every turn, you’ll find something magical that will linger in your memory.

Recharge with a delicious lunch at a nearby restaurant

Savour a refreshing drink in the cosy atmosphere of an island bar. As we sail through the enchanting Split archipelago, you’ll have the opportunity to admire the breath-taking coastal landscapes and immerse yourself in secluded coves before heading back.

As the sun sets, we'll bid farewell to the tranquil islands and return to Split

Filled with the enchantment of the Adriatic and the Split archipelago. Don’t miss the chance to create memories that will last a lifetime. Dive into an experience promising adventure, relaxation, and exploration of this part of the Adriatic.

Dive into a journey tailored by your aspirations, dreams, and senses.

Immerse in a voyage crafted by your visions, aspirations, and senses, navigating towards endless discovery and fulfilment.